Working with a philanthropist and his family to create positive social impact

Understanding the philanthropic motivations of engaging wider family members has been central in our work to support the strategic aims of this family foundation, a charity founded in 2014 by an established entrepreneur and his wife.

Working closely alongside immediate family members, The Giving Department has provided specialist support and guidance to the family as they explore realistic and engaging routes to involve new members and address new areas of social impact.

Aside to a targeted workshop to kick off the programme, The Giving Department offers dedicated research and support to help family members select causes that resonate with their own world view and to develop their understanding of philanthropy and effective charitable relationships.

It’s been a great joy for my wife and I to share our experiences of philanthropy with our children and having the support of The Giving Department has allowed them to start to find causes that matter to them without undue influence from us.

- Foundation Co-founder

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