Supporting the Next Generation to take the first steps into philanthropy

Following an initial workshop with other siblings, The Giving Department helped this inspired Next Gen family member to identify more clearly the social areas where they wanted to create impact.

A series of meetings were arranged with a variety of charities working in the field in order to inform thinking and better understand the issues and breadth of current activity.

A list of potential partners was drawn up collaboratively and, following a process of due diligence, a selected number of more support-focused visits identified the partners and opportunities that best suited the initial philanthropic support available.

The Giving Department coordinated proposals going to the family trust and the subsequent grants made.

Since making the initial grants the Giving Department has managed the relationship, monitored progress and engaged all parties in order to build on deeper partnership potential where it has been appropriate. A key element of the process has been to review learnings with our client and identify what the next steps in their philanthropic development might be.

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