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The Giving Department listen. We develop tailor made strategies for each unique circumstance. The Giving Department collaborate.

The Giving Department can help. Whether you are establishing a Corporate Responsibility strategy for the first time, looking to extend the scale or reach of an existing social impact plan or you are a philanthropist looking for independent perspective and rigorous due diligence, we are brilliantly positioned to support you.

The Giving Department is global. We manage a portfolio of charitable grants on behalf of our clients across Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa. The Giving Department deliver international impact.

And as you would expect, The Giving Department give back,click here to see how.


The Giving Department works with clients across business and philanthropy. While our philosophy and values are consistent, the approach we take to support each client is unique.

The following areas of focus typically feature in our approach:


  • Understand, measure and evaluate your business’s current activity and strategic plan
  • Profile your CSR behaviour against your industry or peers
  • Help you establish long term strategic plans, working alongside your people and chosen charities
  • Broker new exciting charity partnership that best meet your shared long term vision
  • Launch or boost employee volunteering, establishing and managing impactful, skill-based activities
  • Launch or manage the appropriate legal entity to focus your charitable giving.


  • Review your current approach - drafting concise reports as required
  • Undertake detailed independent due diligence on existing or potential charity partners
  • Identify new charity partners and help you develop symbiotic partnerships with them
  • Implement and support the infrastructure you need to deliver a focused, effective approach
  • Work to establish a private charitable trust or other appropriate vehicle for charitable giving.


The Giving Department’s core team is based in the City of London, with an associated network in the UK and representatives globally.